Friday, July 25, 2014

Father's Day in Hutchinson at Grandpa and Grandma T.'s on June 15th.

Casey, Zoey and Chris

 Zoey, Max and Sam
 Max and Sam
Max on Grandpa Rod's old tractor.  Great Grandpa Don made the front end loader and blade on behind

Sam & Max
 Sam and Max and Zoey in the water in the birdbath
 Sam holding a cupie doll that my great grandmother crocheted outfit for when I was a youngster.

The big basketball game with Uncle Cody, Dad Dustin and Max & Sam. They're pretty good.
 Dustin and Sandra here from California
Grandpa and Dustin 
 Great grandkids keeping themselves entertained.
 Dustin & his twins Sam and Max
Zoey & Great Grandma 
Sam & Max enjoying their Grandpa Rod's old tractor.  Went thru a lot of kids. 

 Zoey and Grandma on the old organ. 

Watching the basketball game, Sandra, Great Grandma Kathy & Grandma Becky & Grandpa Jack.

Zoey in the swing seat.

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