Friday, September 7, 2018

Photo Show #5 Lace & Doily Book #5

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The following pictures are things I have made out of ribbon, lace, crochet doilies & bling since I have been watching videos on you tube done by Tricia of "a little shabby chic" and Angela Holt designs.  I love everything they do and they've cost me a bunch of money going out to buy gorgeous laces.  lol  Also pics of my craft room.
See curtain rods above the computer to hold my punches.

These are cupboards all along one wall with shelves inside to hold my "stuff" and the opening in the middle holds many altered books some I did all and many from mixed media swaps. On hooks are a pink and a blue tassel I made with a bird on the top. 

All my sizzix dies, stamps and pads.

My mess with everything out to do my lace projects.

Top are all my mixed media altered books.  Some I did myself and some are swaps.
The cupboards go all along about a wall and a half built by my son & hubby for all my stuff.  Don calls my room Hobby Lobby WEST.  lol
The real thing is on the east side of town. 

Some of my little laces wound around paint stirrers and rulers and hanging from a dowel.

My hubby just wandered thru as I was taking pics of the cupboards.

Watson, my Maltese male puppy from my grandson.

Watson again.

A family tree that I painted on my living room wall and hung all the pics.

Another view

My depression glass and other glassware on left and my secretary desk on right.  Rooster is painted on the little stove but doesn't show much. 

Left to right back is our oldest grandson Dustin, his boys are the twins in the front row,
Sam & Max, next is grandpa Don, then Blayne that I'm holding, then Cody & Casey our twin grandsons.
The little boy I'm holding and Zoey in the front row are Casey's.  Cody is single, 

Close up of top back of a tote I altered.

Front of gray tote covered in lace material with a head of a little Victorian girl and an applique for a body and silver wings to make her an angel.  Lots of pearls and bling and gray paper flowers.  Two rows of gray lace and some dangle lace on bottom.  Silver braid and narrow gray lace at top. 

Close up.

Back with an applique with pearls and bling.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Misc. pictures from 2014

 Sam & Max
                                       Dustin & his twins, Sam & Max on the beach in NC.

I fell flat on my face.  LOL Oh what a horrible picture

 McDonald's people we coffee with.....SARAH SABIN



Party at circle for Clois Buhrle's moving

UMW president Kathy Juby & Clois & Pastor Jeff  in right picture. 

 Watson after a hairciut with a scarf and the girls couldn't resist the bow even though he is a boy.
 Size check with big exercise ball.  He gets up on the step and wines to come upstairs.
 Hi mom, can I come up stairs????????

 Snowball and Watson sharing a blanket.  Doesn't last long and they're fighting. 

Snowball a bit younger than now

 Watson the day I got him.  He popped up out of a box with red bows on his head. My oldest grandson Dustin gave him to me for Christmas.  He will be a year old on July 27th.

I need a haircut very badly.  I can hardly see. lol

Father's Day in Hutchinson at Grandpa and Grandma T.'s on June 15th.

Casey, Zoey and Chris

 Zoey, Max and Sam
 Max and Sam
Max on Grandpa Rod's old tractor.  Great Grandpa Don made the front end loader and blade on behind

Sam & Max
 Sam and Max and Zoey in the water in the birdbath
 Sam holding a cupie doll that my great grandmother crocheted outfit for when I was a youngster.

The big basketball game with Uncle Cody, Dad Dustin and Max & Sam. They're pretty good.
 Dustin and Sandra here from California
Grandpa and Dustin 
 Great grandkids keeping themselves entertained.
 Dustin & his twins Sam and Max
Zoey & Great Grandma 
Sam & Max enjoying their Grandpa Rod's old tractor.  Went thru a lot of kids. 

 Zoey and Grandma on the old organ. 

Watching the basketball game, Sandra, Great Grandma Kathy & Grandma Becky & Grandpa Jack.

Zoey in the swing seat.