Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My latest jewelry & a canvas molding paste piece

Below are all the things I've made in the last month. Or at least things I took pics of.
The necklace below is made with pearls and some beads that have copper on one side and
glass on the other.

I went to a shop called Beadalia here in Hutchinson and bought the big pink beads. Then I bought some almost black chain and the filigreed beads at Hobby Lobby and put the next set together. It has 2 necklaces & earrings.

I bought a bracelet at the hospital jewlry store and then took it apart and bought the smaller turquoise beads and used black chain and made this set of 2 necklaces, 1 bracelet and earrings.

This pink set is made with swavorski crystals and tiny pearl like seed beads. It has a necklace, ladder bracelet and earrings. The crystals are cubes and bicones.

The next set is made from some lavender beads I got at Ebersole's in Wichita and a glass component that has a lavender flower imbedded in it.

This set is made with pottery beads.

I bought a new book and had to try using light molding paste on canvas and some new acrylic tube paint I bought. It started with spreading the modeling paste all over it and then I used a squeegee to make the circle swirls on the right and a rubber stamp for the pink flower which didn't stamp very well but left it anyway. The little girl in the swing is a print from Paper Whimsey and the bird and white flower is a rubber stamp that I stamped in black and then colored with sharpee markers. I colored it all and didn't like it because it was too bright and dark colors for me. So I just mixed some white and made them more pastel and went right over my first try. I wrote It's our nature to swing at the bottom. I'm not crazy about it but it was an interesting technique to try.

The scarf is knitted with nylon ribbon yarn. I've had it a long time and made myself sit down and knit it into a scarf.

The purse I made from parts and a book I bought on the clearance wall at Hobby Lobby. I bought 2 squares of the bottom leather look and 2 handles and the flower. I cut out and sewed the bottom pieces and then punched holes all the way around and knitted the upper bag. I made a lining and hand stitched it in and put a magnetic button in the center of the lining before I stitched it in. Then I sewed the handles on, covered a stiff cardboard with the lining and put it in the bottom. Then I decided to add the bead chain to it. I hate to think what this purse would have cost if I hadn't bought all the parts on sale.