Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oxymoron Swap for Altered Book Club.

Above are my six front pages for our Oxymoron Swap on ABC a mixed media art group. This swap was tip ins and the theme was Oxymoron's. I chose Authentic Reproduction for the front of the page and A Veiled Accusation for the back. You have to lift her veil to see the accusation which says---You wanted my groom didn't you? The first page are my drawings or reproductions of Leonard DaVinci's drawing or in other words Authentic reproductions.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My week of spoons

I bought the new Cloth, Paper Scissors mag and so had to try the spoon books it showed in there. I went to Bears Blessings, an antique store downtown, and got lucky and found a bag of old spoons (13) for $5.00 and I bought a knife too. In the bag were two gravy ladles and so I turned them into mirrors. I didn't take a pic of the back but here is the front of one and a close up. I am going to add two tiny silver and enamel bees when they go half off at Hobby Lobby.

With the other gravy ladle I made the spoon mirror below. The little girl is my red headed sister with her finger curls. I bought a teddy bear charm and painted it to match for the front.

Below is all the spoons I did this week. I made 3 spoon books. I used dye inks and painted or dabbed all the spoons a different color. I figured out the words for them and printed them on my computer. I wrapped the three small baby spoons with colored wire and beads. I wrapped the 4 spoon book with a varigated ribbon and put a bow at the top. The spoon book with 3 spoons and the knife I wrapped in wire and beads and on the baby spoon put tiny safety pins and on the knife I put a jasper stone cross. I colored all the silver rings that hold the spoons onto the big rings with dye the color of the big rings and then put some fiber on the big rings. I doubt I'll make any more but it was fun to try it once.