Sunday, November 7, 2010

My handmade Jewelry

Glass elephant with two strings of beads Coral & turquoise with   matching earrings & bracelet.
Sterling butterfly with lavender crystals on left of bracelet and svorski crystal, a cross & a teardrop hang on the right.  Bracelet in picture to the right with a bracelet for another set.

Crystals and pearls                                        Black & white chains 
                                                                       with black & white  
                                                                        cameo & black stones.

Victorian lace & Cameos plus beading decorate this vintage set with cameo earring on right.

asymetrical antigue gold wreath with amber flowers and leaves.

Mariet Antoinette

 victorian necklace, earrings are 2 more pictures of Marie & the bracelet below is filled with victorian charms.

Burgandy red & pink large glass beads.  Necklace is two strands & there are two matching bracelets and earrings.

Three pairs of earrings made with svorski crystals.

Glass swan on amathyst & white bead strand with bracelet and earrings to match.

Deep red beads with multi colored deep red and white & a pendant in deep red and white.  Picture of pendant didn't show it near as pretty as it is.

This necklace is a short one with very large beads which are really in right now.  The clasp is magnetic and is one of the glitzy looking beads.  The beads are all hot pink.

This necklace has vintage flowers of lucite and they are hand wired to a mesh base.

This necklace is a stone gem set it silver with matching earrings.

Matching necklace, bracelet & earrings of very pretty blue green beads.

A variety of bracelets and a watch.

Picture didn't take well but its a glass turtle with a flower in his shell on a topaz ribbon.

Hot pink chains with flower beads & matching earrings

bracelet with very large beads kind of country matt colors.  On right is a ceramic bead & silver necklace with matching earrings and bracelet.

Pink & clear svorski crystals make up this neclace with matching earrings.

Misc. earrings. 
Copper earrings. Left are long, center are turned so you can't see one of the butterflies butterflies and the one on right has birds.

A silver bow with a framed cameo & a 1930's style lady with olds cars and her dog on a chain.  It is vintage.

A mauve colored beads bracelet with earrings and an adjustable ring.

Clear rinestones with a red center one in the flowers.

A vintage white and pink flower on a crystal strand.

Jasper beads with a large one on an antique gold base with tiny antique gold hearts and chain dangling.

This necklace has several different size strands of black or pewter chain & has a black crown with red crystals & a black heart with crystals and a key hanging from it.  Also has matching earrings. The heart and crown didn't take well on the picture.

An antique gold butterly with a big pearl. Has matching earrings.

This didn't take well either.  It has a silver filigree heart that hangs in the middle and the bottom oval has a cut clear stone with a light black mesh over it and it really sparkles when it picks up the light.  

Chain earrings for above necklace

Antique gold owl on green and brown bead necklace with matching earrings.

This has beads that are a red brown or copper look with a copper concho.  Matching earrings are also smaller copper conchos. (See below)

This necklace has a matching bracelet & earrings all done with almond color pearls.  The pendant has sparkly gold or copper inside of it.  

This crystal necklace is gray and has a matching bracelet & earrings.

This necklace is made up of antique gold pieces, a half moon, two birds & a victorian lady in the center of the crescant & is accented with off white pearls. Its has matching earrings top left that are pearls dangling from an antique gold piece.

This necklace is made of all tiger eye beads and has a matching pair of earrings.

These are the earring that match 3 of the necklaces .

This necklace is made of wooden beads and some copper sparkley chip beads inter woven through it on several strands.

This bracelet matches the wooden necklace and their are wooden earrings also.

Earrings match necklace below.

Necklace pendant is a different blue framed in copper.  A little bird is on the blue oval and the rectangle above also has an etched picture on it. The earrings picture looks a different blue but it really is the color of the necklace.

This is a copper necklace with pretty bluegreen pendant with copper on it and two turquoise colored crosses and several different colored beads on it and has matching cross earrings.  It is a short necklace.

This bracelet is made up of large flat shell beads and matches the necklace below.

These beads really are pretty large.

The two earrings on the left go with the necklace above.  The next pair go with the wooden necklace and the last is just a misc. pair of earrings.

This is a different view of the big stone necklace up above somewhere and has a silver bracelet with one blue stone and matching earrings.

This is a very pretty cameo with matching earrings and bracelet.

This pendant and earrings have a multitude of colors shining in them & the beads are crystals that shine with several colors in them also.  Very glitzy and pretty.

This pendant is a matte looking silver or pewter with a crystal center and the three chains are made of pewter pearls and crystals with matching bracelet & earrings.  It is a short choker style & very elegant.

This necklace is made of different shades of green beads & is wire wrapped. Has matching earrings

This did not take a good picture.  The pendant is an ivory carved cat's head on a copper flower.  The chain is copper and the beads are copper colored also.  Has matching earrings. 

This necklace is a black & white cameo of a couple in love and is on lace. Has matching earrings.

This necklace is made of antigue gold or brass pieces.  The pendant is an old bike.  Very vintage.

This is the bottom of a rosary with a very pretty crucifix and center divider of Mary.  All done in matte olive green beads and some dark crystal green beads for the our fathers.

This is the rest of the rosary above the silver divider.

This is the bracelet & earrings that go with the necklace below.

The big rings are glass with many colors.  The earrings and two of the glass rings have silver  with dark gold or amber crystal centers.  One silver ring has a bumble bee with an amber body hanging in it and it has both silver and copper chain. Very pretty for fall.

My jewelry hanging in my back bedroom

Somemore on the bed.

The cedar chest if loaded

Other side of window.


crzymom said...

You've been busy girlfriend! I love all your new jewelry. You're so talented!!!

Terri said...

Lovely jewelry! You made all of these??? It must have taken some time. They are all beautiful. The Marie necklace is a real work of art.

Lynn Stevens said...

So many beautiful pieces, you should be selling on Etsy.
Thank you for entering my giveaway and best of luck.
hugs Lynn