Tuesday, January 29, 2008

4 Vanity spoon mirrors

The backs of my 4 vanity mirrors made out of spoons. After the spoons are painted I glue a mirror on the back and then beads or trim around the mirrors. The oval mirrors are called shaped and so have a pretty edge around them. The round I can't find that way.
Front of the vanity mirrors.
This picture didn't take very well. This spoon had cutouts in the bowl of the spoon and so I painted the back of the mirror with a gold leafing pen. All the spoons were colored with alcohol inks. Pictures were glued on and then sprayed with fixative. Glued on a charm and tied on a ribbon.
On this spoon I did the mixed colors as on the others but I used the ink and a tiny applicator to paint the iris and the leaves. I also used the iris colors on the hummingbird charm. I mixed some pearl on the background of this one.
This spoon was a gorgeous spoon but had a very deep bowl and so when Don flattened it it split in about 5 or six places on the edges where the fancy stuff was. So he went to the hardware store and found some stuff that he put on it and filled all the cracks. It dried really hard and he was wishing he hadn't used so much because it was a bugger to sand it down. It dried kind of a charcoal color. So I used the alcohol inks and then matched up a metalic russet lumiere paint and put it over all the places that were charcoal. I thought it ended up blending really well & I'm so glad it worked because the handle on this spoon is also my favorite. I also painted the silver rose charm gold for this one.

This one was a very tiny spoon in comparison to the others. The gal at the antique shop said that it would be cute as a baby spoon or toddler spoon mirror. So I bought it. Well the pattern on it was leaves and acorns so after painting them the spoon ended up kind of yellow gold and copper looking. Admitedly not very baby colors. The picture is one that I thinks looks so much like me at that age. Her cheek looked dirty and I brushed it lightly with my finger and now she has a crack on her cheek. Oh I was mad at myself. I painted a silver heart gold for this one. All of them have the best match in a ribbon I could find in my stash. I don't think I like the ribbon on this one either. I'm really tired of spoons and not in the mood to redo her right now anyway. I'm going to try doing some jewelry next.


Monday, January 28, 2008

My handpainted Nursery Rhyme Barn box

I've had this box base coated and the patterns transfered on for years. I decided I needed to paint it and get it out of my craft room. It also helped me clean up my acrylic paint rack. I threw away more than I kept. I haven't painted on wood in years so felt like a beginner. Its not great but its done. 8>). Still needs to be sprayed with a sealer coat which usually brings out the colors also. I told Don he could do that. The box from a corner angle. When all the pictures were painted, I put a pueblo red stripe down each corner and the ends of the roof. Then I dry brushed some white over it so it blended in better. I've been painting on this for a week and am so glad to have it finished.

It has 7 nursery rhymes on it. Now what do I do with it?

Mother Goose on the lid.
Three little kittens and Miss Muffit.
Little boy blue on the back.
Little old woman who lived in a shoe & Ride a cock horse.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My pictures from an ABC get together at Elizabeth's.

The ABCers three.
Theresa dyed her hair burgandy.
Dana is talking. She talks fast and asks several questions at once.
Theresa has her hands on her hips. Is she going to hit me?
"E", "T" & Dana
Same 3 nuts.

Now E is talking. She talks real slow & deliberate so you have to egg
her on a little to get a quick answer.
I took my pictures just before Dana and I headed for home. So this is how they look after hours of shopping. Just to make E smile, I have to say that I went to Hobby Lobby in Hutchinson after I got home. Guess I didn't get enough shopping in Wichita.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Altered little girls ironing board

Shown at an angle sitting on the floor. It can be adjusted to 2 diff. heights.
From the side. I stained all the legs and bottom of the board with Raisin color wash. Instead of spraying it I used a brush and dipped it in the bottle. Then I used my wooden dabber that I use for alcohol inks and put 3 different colors of lumiere on the legs and sides, metalic russet, copper and brass.
Top of board lying on the floor.
Top of board sitting straight up on my craft table. I used two shiny cutouts (the big pictures) of victorian children and then a bunch of smaller ones. I put scrapbook paper and napkins down first with modge podge. I tore the paper and darkened the edges. Then I put modge-podge over the whole thing. Then I stained it all and did the lumieres and then I modge podged the pictures on. I took it outside and sprayed the whole top with fixative and then added a glaze to the whole top. I will probably finish it with an acrylic finishing coat.