Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

My antique lamp mirror

I bought an old lamp with a mirror at Bears Blessing Antique mall. I'm mad at myself for not taking a picture before I started. It was totally covered in an off white enamel paint which Don zip stripped off and then sanded and steel wooled and probably cussed until he got it all off. I almost hated to do anything to it. It really wasn't bad all silver. You can see that in one of these pics. I used alcohol inks and my dabber and I put on raisin and green. Then I used a gold leafing pen and the dobber and some makeup sponges and added gold to it. I painted the two fancier side pieces with the gold leaf pen. I used gel medium on the mirror to glue down some music scrapbook paper on the right and then the girl in the middle. Then I used some brick distress ink on the music and the girl and even on the mirror . The pictures show the tray by itself and the back. Then I took pics with the light on and off and different angles. It wanted to glare so this is the best I could do. It took Don several days to clean it and then just one day for me to cover it back up. LOL.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I thought the new pic in the heading kind of went with my Title. You never know what she will be into next. I've spent two days decorating my house for Christmas. Sure glad that jobs done. Now need to get my Christmas letter written.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The pillow is finished. Yahoo!!

The above two pics are of a spoon mirror I made to go with the pillow below for our PEO auction.
Here is the finished pillow with the spoon mirror.
A close up of the lady on the spoon and pillow.
A close up of her hat with resin flowers and feathers.
One more project done and now on to another.
I deleted this from the post but then it disappeared from my profile so guess I have to leave it here? Anyone know?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My latest Art.

This is our dog Sammy with her hair longer. Below she is sheared. LOL.
My son gave me these for Thanksgiving. He came in the house carrying 2 dozen and said to mix them and Becky and I each got a dozen. Below I took a pic today with them really opened up. They are gorgeous.

This is our cat, Snowball. She's as white as Sammy below is black.
This is a summer pic of our dog Samantha who we call Sam or Sammy. We have her curly hair all cut off in the summer because she gets so hot. She's getting old as you can see by the gray hair on her muzzle.

The above 2 pics are my victorian vanity mirror made with a spoon that Don flattened for me. I colored the spoon with alcohol inks. The grapes and leaves on already on the spoon, I colored using a brush and alcohol inks. I added some vintage music and a victorian lady lady & then two grape charms that I also painted to match. I tied a ribbon around the handle. The second pic shows the back with a mirror glued on and ball chain around it that is highlighted with the alcohol inks. The mirror was what they called a shaped mirror and so had a beveled look. I couldn't get a shaped one for the spoon below.

The two pictures above are my spoon turned into a vanity mirror. Don took a hammer and flattened the spoon and then I colored the handle with alcohol inks. The handle had the word Phoenix on it so I printed a Phoenix bird and then painted over it and altered his tail to be the scallops on the side of the spoon. His head is the only part not painted. I added a sun charm since by legend the Phoenix is involved with the sun god. I added a red and metalic gold ribbon around the handle. I clipped a ball chain apart and put the balls down the right side. I used lumiere paints to paint this spoon. The second picture is of the back with a mirror glued on and a ball chain glued around it and then highlighted with color.
This is a pillow that I am making to take to a PEO auction in Dec. Its not finished yet so I will upload it again when it is.

My Mexican nicho is colored with alcohol inks. I brought out the dots around the heart with some glitter glue & used a white pen for the wording. The flowers I believe are also from Mexico. Got it all from Art Chix. In the niche, I put some sheet music and then a victorian lady looking in a mirror and set a white cat on the ledge in front of her.

Alright gals, here is Don in my hat.

Friday, November 23, 2007

My world, my ramblings, my art

Everyone else in my art groups seems to have one of these so I'm going to start this & hope to find time to put something on it. I'm lazy today after having Thanksgiving here yesterday. Old age setting in I guess. My thoughts and prayers the last few days and weeks have been centered on an old friend who has cancer and two days ago my sister called to tell me she has a malignant malinoma. She see's an oncologist in Omaha, NE. on Monday. The friend is undergoing chemo. A very rigorous therapy and will start radiation in Jan. Why does this disease have to be?? Of coarse there are other diseases just as bad but this one puts the fear of God in all of us.