Monday, January 28, 2008

My handpainted Nursery Rhyme Barn box

I've had this box base coated and the patterns transfered on for years. I decided I needed to paint it and get it out of my craft room. It also helped me clean up my acrylic paint rack. I threw away more than I kept. I haven't painted on wood in years so felt like a beginner. Its not great but its done. 8>). Still needs to be sprayed with a sealer coat which usually brings out the colors also. I told Don he could do that. The box from a corner angle. When all the pictures were painted, I put a pueblo red stripe down each corner and the ends of the roof. Then I dry brushed some white over it so it blended in better. I've been painting on this for a week and am so glad to have it finished.

It has 7 nursery rhymes on it. Now what do I do with it?

Mother Goose on the lid.
Three little kittens and Miss Muffit.
Little boy blue on the back.
Little old woman who lived in a shoe & Ride a cock horse.


Quilting For Less said...

Wow, Kat!! Thank you for sharing! Looks like you got your talent back! No beginner's luck for you! This is just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!


Christine said...

This is just GORgeous - you did an outstanding job :)