Saturday, February 23, 2008

A new hobby - Bead jewelry making.

Well I now have a new hobby. I decided I wanted to try making jewelry. The above pic shows my first set done in pink Crystal squares, silver covered pink crystals, silver corrugated beads & pink tube beads and two teapots with black beads with pink flowers & a silver cross charm with a swarovski crystal all strung and then added to a silver chain. The clasp is also a teapot and a spoon.
This pic is the bracelet & the earrings. The bracelet has a teapot with a silver bead for the body & tea bag charm and a cup & saucer charm & then I added a cloisonne butterfly with swarovski crystals. The earrings are made with s black bead with pink flowers, and a square pink bead and two silver beads added to wires.
The whole set together. Close up of the bottom of the necklace on the set below.

This set is made with Leopardskin Jasper hearts & corrugated silver beads & the graduated set of leopardskin jasper with tiny jasper beads between them & the bracelet has a few black onyx nuggets. The bracelet is strung on a stretchy stringing thread. The set up a little closer. These heart beads are what started all this. I wanted something made out of them.
This set is made with black onxy nuggets & silver beads and faceted black beads hook the leopardskin jasper donut to the necklace and two little circles of sead beads are between the two.
This pic just shows how long the necklace really is. This set is made with three different brown & clear mix glass beads. One is heart shaped, one is kind of fluted or like a nugget and the third is a flat rhondelle spacer bead. I made the earrings with one of the nuggets and 4 spacer beads handing from a gold teardrop frame.
A closer look at the earrings
A closer look at the bracelet.

Another bracelet and matching earrings. They are a real light weight copper filligree and I glued copper colored sead beads in the center. and used two copper spacers on the bracelet and a copper lobster clasp.

This set is another one made with leopardskin jasper but it is a lighter more tan colored shade. There are also some peace jasper green beads on the necklace. The graduated set at the bottom of the necklace I have had a long time. I bought them at Ebersoles who are still going out of business. I bought the little round jasper beads from Rocky Mountain Gems. I used them in the earrings also. I've described the beads as best I could just from memory so may have some of the names wrong & its 1:30 in the A.M. so probably not so bright. I want to do some bead weaving too. Stay tuned.

A picture I took today of Sammy sitting on Don's lap. Kind of a boney place to sit. She has been moving awfully slow lately and she has this awful croupy sounding cough which the vet says is from liquid around her heart. She's taking pills to that are like water pills but it doesn't seem to help the cough any. She is old and we are probably getting near losing her. Don hopes she goes in her sleep as he doesn't want to have to decide to put her to sleep. She tries to play ball for a little bit but then has to stop and cough. Its such a deep awful sound and it shakes her whole body. She eats good and doesn't seem to hurt but she looks so sad just laying around. She has always been so active.


Beth said...

Oh wow Kat beautiful jewerly you have there I have been buying myself jewerly stuff to make just haven't got around to it yet.
Loved the picture of Don and Sammy.
Have a ? for you where do you get the mirrors for your spoons? Charlie hammered one out for me and I have been dying to decorate it.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Good Morning Kat!
Beautiful jewelry and some really great designs. Amber makes jewelry also, she says it is relaxing. Have you tried any of the memory wire? She thought that was really fun to play with :)

Lori Roberts said...

Kat these are beautiful! I wish I could do that sort of work. I have fat thumbs and no patience for jump rings! LOL! Thanks for sharing and making us all drool!

Crazy Art Girl said...

Great pieces of jewelry. you should submit to Art Jewelry mag.

auntmtv said...

POOR SAMMY! Give him a hug from me...