Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pictures from our family get togethers while new twins were here.

3 generations of Turnquist men, our son Rod, his sons, Dustin Cody & Casey and Grandpa Don.
Grandpa Don
Max decided to try out a new look with his bottom lip stuck out.  LOLRod & two of his miniature horses.
Great Grandpa Don & Sam & Great Grandma Kathy & Max

Victoria wanted out.  She wasn't too sure about those little horses when they got to romping. 
Max standing up by an old mill wheel that Rod converted into a coffee table when Dustin was about the same age.  So both learning to walk holding on to the table. Both twins just learned to crawl the week before they all got to Kansas from San Diego.
They got to try out swimming at the Augusta pool with Uncle Casey.   Don't seem too concerned.  Uncle Cody is a guard at the pool.

Uncle Cody and Max.  He'd make anyone laugh with his crazy faces.
Grandpa Rod and MaxUncle Cody & Sam. 
Great Grandma Kathy & Max & Great Grandpa Don with Sam.4 generations of Turnquist men.  Rod, his sons Dustin, Cody and Casey and Grandpa Don.
Brent Finch, one of the twins friends trying out feeding a twin.  He's stayed at our house when in Hutchinson for basketball tournaments.Grandpa Don & Max.  It takes them a while to let people hold them.  They are definitely Mom & Dad's boys. 
Sam & Max find my rocking chair.  The chair went through 4 of us Woodburn kids, then my son Rod, and then Dustin & the twins, Cody and Casey and now my great grandsons get to check it out.  It had so much paint on it, White, Blue, Red, Brown and so I tried to strip it but it just wouldn't all come off so decided to just varnish it and let a little of all the colors of the generations show.  It was my chair as a little girl but I think my brother Phyl clocked in more hours watching tv in it. 

I sat Sam in it earlier & then both boys got a turn later.  First Max and then Sam. Their birthday isn't until the 25th of August but we decided to have a birthday party while they were here. Sam with cake.

Crawling in tandem & Max by the cake. It was also my oldest Great Grandson, Bryton's birthday so they shared a cake. My 4th grandson Kyle came over too with his son Korbin.
4 Generations, Grandpa Rod with Sam, Dustin, Great Grandpa Don & a mad Max.
When they crash they are out like a light. Korbin Ray playing. Sam was so out of it you could raise his arm and it would just plunk right down. Max was out of it too.

Sam with Uncle Casey.I love these two pictures.  My Grandson's Casey & Cody feeding my Great Grandson's Sam & Max.  My older twins aren't identical but the younger ones are. Aren't they all precious?  They are to Grandma. 

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