Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amber's Wedding Album

I spent 11 straight days printing pictures, getting them collated in the order I wanted them and then scrapbooking them into the album.  I gave Amber the choice of a white album or hot pink, which was the main color in her wedding.  I knew she'd pick the hot pick.  lol.   Here is Becky, mother of the bride, looking over the album while we waited for Amber to get there.

Amber is here and I put it in her lap.  First thing she sees is something I just stuck in there for Reannah, her daughter.

I don't know what I'm tellilng her here.  I told her I thought I just might keep it myself.  I said, Are you worth it and she let me know real quick that she thought she was. 

Rod took a picture of us together. 

This one is better of her so I cropped me out .

This is the front of the album.  I put some lace with pearls around the picture opening and then added the flowers.  It still needed something and I found the wedding appliques that I put on the right and left corners at the top. 

I had a small wedding kit and this church was in it and I put pictures behind all the doors and windows.  Then I cut slits in the plastic protector sheets so the doors could come through so you could open them to see the pictures.

A great picture of the beautiful bride.
I made her pink jewelry for the wedding.

This picture was taken in the brides room and we had her stand so you could see her in this big mirror.  Well all the bridesmaids suitcases were stacked in front of it so when I got the picture into my computer I made the carpet go all the way and took out the suitcases.  I had this sheer lace with pearls and its almost the same material as her dress so went well.

I took this picture of the back of her hair. 

This is Becky, the mother of the bride and Rod, my son and Amber's stepdad, who gave her away.

This is a collage of pictures of the bride with Grandpa Don. When we decided to take it over at the last minute, I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the album so I picked out these few pages and had Rod take pictures of them. It ended up being a one hundred and four page book with over 350 pictures in it.  Man was I glad when it was finished.  I was up late every night working on it and I was exhausted by the time I got it done.  Its my own fault because when I start something I just keep pushing myself till its done and off my to do list. 


Linda Manning Findley said...

Kat this is wonderful ... I know she is so happy with it and will treasure it for many years to come ... Linda F

Dianne said...

oh, this is just gorgeous! love your embellishments, and the bride is so very beautiful! thanks for sharing!

crzymom said...

What an awesome album! I'm so happy that you're still scrapping. I would love to get an album made by you. Been wondering where you've been girlfriend!

Beth said...

OMG Kat this is gorgeous and what love went in to that beautiful book loved seeing pictures of you and Don you look good girlfriend such a wonderful keepsake.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday. I have honored you with my blog of the day for your birthday.