Monday, December 15, 2008

My Jewelry Show & guests

Well, last minute I decided to have an open house for my jewelry I've made the last few months. I invited all my P.E.O. sisters, all the people in our UMW, my Monday night altered group & two altered book friends from Wichita and any friends on my e-mail address book from Hutchinson. I made jewelry till all hours this last week and I fixed two kinds of hot drinks and several types of dips. Also had my house all decorated for Christmas. A few did RSVP they had other plans but from all these people I only had 7 people come. One P.E.O. sister, one UMW friend, one neighbor, one Hutchinson friend, one Monday night altered group, and two friends who came from Wichita. So not a very good showing. I had this from 9 to 3 and nobody showed up till afternoon. I began to think it was really going to be a one woman show with no guests. LOL. Five of us did have a fun time eating and visiting. Don & I received a magnet each from E.

I really like the way she spelled out Don with the clock for the O.
Dana also brought me a piece of art and you can see it below. Pretty neat huh?

My friend from Hutchinson, Barbara also brought me a Bagel holder. Works pretty neat. The lid comes on down as you take a bagel out of it. She also gave me a zip bag to hold small items in little pockets earlier. As Dana and E were leaving I looked up at a full moon showing through the bare branches of the neighbors tree. So I had to try and take some pictures. These are what I got.

And so ended a fun day as the full moon shown down to guide my last two guests home to Wichita.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your jewelry is even more lovely in person. You do such stunning bead work. You have a real eye for color and balance.

It was a fun, fun day and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.


Mar said...

lovely work...i hope that the show went well
love the moon shots!

happy holiday

Halle said...

Beautiful jewelry!! I love the turquiose piece and the oval cabochon with the little hearts dangling on it.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

WOW you did a lot of jewelry making! Beautiful creations by the way :)

From what I hear every craft fair has had fewer people attend this year and the buying has been about 1/2 what they did last year.

It is frustrating to go to all the work for an open house and not have people show up. Weird that people don't even RSVP anymore.

Wish I were close! I would have been there with bells on :)

Merry Christmas to you and Don!

Paz123 said...

Wow!! You have marvelous collection of jewelry... Love them!!