Monday, June 2, 2008

My Victorian Necklace & earrings

Above is my latest jewelry project. My sister gave me money for my birthday and I ordered all the stuff I needed to make this necklace. The pearls are all from a necklace that my dad gave me as a young girl. They are yellowed or maybe I should say off-white from age. It was a double strand of cultered pearls - choker length. This is my first try at bead weaving rather than stringing on wire. That pendant was a lot of work. When I finished I couldn't decide if I liked it but I'm sure not doing it over. LOL. I still have other parts that I ordered so I can make another victorian necklace too. It is unbelievable how much money you can get into one piece of jewelry. The picture I put on the pendant is a DaVinci.


crzymom said...

Kat, your necklace is fantabulous! I am always in awe of the jewelry makers that I see at arts & crafts shows because of the work that they do. I can see why you're proud of your grandsons!

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

What a very kewl piece!

Also you have a very handsome I'm sure are very proud.