Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another spoon

This is a spoon that Gay wanted me to do for Stephanie who is Gay's husband's daughter. It belonged to Steve's mom and so for Stephanie it is Grandma's. It's not as big as most of them that I've done and the mirrors I could find were either too big or too small. When I finally found one on the internet I had to buy $50 worth of products to order on one place and another I had to buy 6 pkgs and that would have been 24 mirrors and the postage was twice what the mirrors cost and they didn't have anything else I wanted. So I called Gay and she said to just use the little ones. So I decided to put two on. I guess its not too bad. I'm lazy and didn't want to mess with taking and pic and unloading the camera so I just scanned these but you can see them pretty well I think. I used alcohol inks and a felt applicator to do the background and then used a brush and the inks to paint the flowers and the butterfly and flower charms. I did the whole thing once and hated it so wiped it all off and did it a second time. So this is it. I glued the two mirrors on with diamond glaze and the beads with The Ultimate, a water based super glue. I like the bigger spoons better because I can use a scalloped mirror. Takes a gravy spoon or large serving spoon. This one was a medium sized serving spoon.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

What a good friend you are! How very nice of you to create this for her. I LOVE that you can re-do alcohol inks if you don't like them, sort of like the delete key in digital scrapping! lol

jackie said...

Kat, this is beautiful! I love the colors of alchol inks you used - the result is just lovely!

crzymom said...

The spoon is lovely Kat!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really love this latest spoon. I think you have outdone yourself on this one.