Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm playing with bracelets for PEO today. The bottom two bracelets are made of
swarovski crystal bicones. They are an amber color and have tiny clear crystal bicones between each one. There are two silver daisies between the PEO. The dangle is a silver daisy and has a teeny tiny star dangling from it. The center is a swarovoski crystal. At the end by the clasp is a tiny star also. One the second one up I used alcohol ink to age the peo yellow. The next 3 bracelets are made with czech glass beads and have the tiny silver stars at the end and the silver daisies between the PEO. They haven't been strung yet. I'm putting these here for my niece to look at and decide which one she wants.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure I saw these before, Kat. They are really great and I hope your PEO pals liked them as much as I do.


crzymom said...

These are wonderful Kat! My mom belonged to a PEO chapter before she passed away. Hope your niece liked them

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Great bracelets and I love the way you colored the peo too! My MIL belongs to PEO and LOVES it!

lwckfc said...

Kat,your bracelets are lovely. Do you ever sell any? I am a PEO in Wisconsin and am looking for a gift for a PEO friend.

Kat said...

Answer to PEO in Wisconsin. You might want to go to and see all the things people of different chapters have for sell. Some of them have bracelets. Or you can e-mail me at if you can't find one you like.